Zakup Kontrolowany

It’s already the seventh season of one of the most popular TVN Turbo’s programs. In the newest episodes of Zakup kontrolowany Adam Kornacki helps TVN Turbo’s audience with choosing the car of their dreams. You don’t have a lot of money? Or maybe the price is not that important, but you just don’t know a thing about cars? For Adam no sum is a problem – he can help you both with buying a second-hand and high-class car. In each episode we test a couple of car models and examine those chosen by the viewer at the service station. Zakup kontrolowany is the best decision before choosing a car.

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If you follow the motorization market, like cars and watch outdoor tests with pleasure, MOTO-ON is a show for you. It gathers every necessary, useful and at the same time interesting information about the most impressive car models. It’s a show for everyone who loves beautiful cars. TVN Turbo’s reporters test the most sophisticated vehicles in different places all over the world. Adam Kornacki will introduce you to the cars that are nowhere to be found in the traffic. There will be sports and luxury cars and also those, which can be seen only in the magazines. We will be testing vehicles mostly on race tracks and Marcin Orzepiński will examine the functionality, usefulness and aesthetics of the most popular cars available on Polish market. We will also visit the world’s biggest motorization showrooms and look in the factories where the most exquisite limousines are built. We’ll tour museums as well and visit places that are a dream come true for every fan of motorization.

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